• who we are:


    Favored & Fearless is a faith-based company that offers healthy products and services with the intention to build up a healthy soul. Our mission is to righteously impact the mind, body, and soul through various forms of products and services and use some of the profits to give back and serve where permissable. We offer apparel, home goods, herbal supplements, and much more!


    Our products stem from our belief in the Father YHWH (also known as Yah or "Yahuah") and His Beloved Son Yahushua Ha’Mashiach (the Messiah aka The Savior).

    "Seek the Crown" is our company slogan because it is the foundation of our company and derives from the
    biblical commandment Matthew 6:33:


    But seek first the kingdom of YHWH (pronounced Yah-u-ah) and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

    what we believe:

    We believe the Creator of heaven and earth (and everything in it) is named YHWH. We believe that He sent His Son, YahushuaHa’Mashiach (the Messiah), to be the sacrificial lamb for our sins to be forgiven.


    We believe that anyone who receives Yahushua by faith and obeys Him with their works will receive the gift of the Ruach Ha’Qodesh (the Holy Spirit) and the gift of eternal life. We believe there is power in the name of YHWH.

    We believe that our faith and obedience to YHWHis based on the obedience to His Holy Word.

    We believe that our faith and obedience make us children to Father YHWH.


    We believe worship and proclamation is essential and this is why we do what we do.


    Our goal is to be a profitable company in order to properly give back and serve others in need. We desire to use some of our profits to feed the homeless, cover the fatherless, and take care of the widow - just like the Scripture says to do.

    who the owners are:

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    "My name is Keasha Beard and I am a Seattle native that loves Yah with all of my heart and soul. I’m co-owner of Favored & Fearless and I’m also a creator. The Most High saved me from a life of addiction and now I desire to please Him with faith and works. I founded Favored & Fearless in 2017 and its been an amazing journey of personal identity and business maturation. I started this company with very little funds and very little knowledge, but the Holy Spirit has instructed me along the way. My vision for Favored & Fearless has always been about proclaiming the Gospel and teaching people that worship is a lifestyle. You can view my story here.


    During the pandemic I became obsessed with natural healing through herbs and flowers. After searching the Scriptures and seeing the power of plants, I reasoned that this natural path was the best option for healing. When Tiffany joined the team, we expanded to home goods and herbal supplements because we believe that environment and health is very important in the Kingdom of Yah. I truly believe we are called to use our talents and gifts to help others build their faith and enhance the kingdom. I hope to reach many souls one product or service at a time.”


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    Hello, my name is Tiffany Graham I am a mother of 3 and a Nana of 2. I was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. As a child growing up I had a food allergy to citric acid. I couldn’t eat fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, pineapples- all of the good stuff. If I ate anything containing citric acid, I would break out into small hives. For years I dealt with this issue because I didn't know it was treatable.


    Years later,I was at work as I was breaking out in hives, I wondered is this an inflammation in my blood stream? Could I eat something that can remove this from my blood stream? This is when I learned of alkalizing the body. The article said that my blood had more acid than alkaline. If I alkalized my body, I would not have these breakouts. I looked up the items, it read carrots, almonds and celery. I went to the store and on my break that is what I ate. In an hour my hives and its symptoms were gone. This is what kick started my natural healing journey and understanding the body. I began to look up each food item that I would be eating to see what its function was for my body. I began to learn about essential oils and eventually herbs. Keasha and I became friends and well, the rest is history.