• hold harmless agreement

    By purchasing Favored & Fearless products you agree to this statement:


    "I, the consumer, have solicited Favored and Fearless LLC to aid me in a holistic health path for one or various health reasons. I acknowledge that by purchasing Favored & Fearless product(s) I understand that all recommendations for herbs, tinctures and oils are all based on extensive research of each medicinal healing property that will aid the body in a holistic healing. I acknowledge that I am purchasing on my own freewill and I understand that all natural remedies should be discussed and assessed with my current physician for approval - especially if taking other medications and/or pregnant. The recommendations of the natural herbs, tinctures and oils are recommendations and does not take the place of my physician; therefore, I hold Favored and Fearless and its affiliates harmless of any and all injuries or financial strain from injuries that can and /or may occur from using any of the products sold by the Favored and Fearless company or its affiliates."


    This Agreement will be binding once payment is received.